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Marina Medical Center – NOW OPEN AT A LOCATION NEAR YOU…

Marina Medical Centre – One of the Top Medical Clinics in Dubai

Marina Medical Centre is a distinguished provider of quality and holistic health services with a conveniently located clinic in the Dubai Marina area.

Our top medical center is home to some of the most dedicated and excellent doctors in Dubai – this ensures that any patient entering the doors of our clinic will receive top-notch healthcare and customer service.

What makes us a top medical center

MMC has earned its reputation as one of the top and most trusted clinics in Dubai Marina through consistently delivering quality, safe, and affordable healthcare services and making these accessible to every member of the Dubai community.

The multi-specialty health services that our in-house Marina doctors provide include general medicine, general dentistry and orthodontics, dermatology, urology and sexual health, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. We also have our own Laser Department dedicated to supplementing our cosmetic dermatology services. By providing an array of multi-specialty health services, our center and Marina doctors help remove the need for patients to look for another medical clinic and help them avoid the risk of getting poor healthcare.

Leading the industry of Dubai health clinics

In addition to having exceptionally skilled Marina doctors who provide unparalleled services, MMC makes sure patients and their families have a great overall experience from our clinic. We achieve this by providing superior customer service, 24/7 doctor and staff availability, competitive service charges, and parking availability. Patients who need emergency services can rely on our walk-in clinic to provide them the urgent medical attention they need.

The trained and proficient staff at our medical clinic always make sure to promptly attend patients to ensure minimal waiting time. You can also trust any MMC doctor or health personnel to value and protect your privacy at all times.

We are happy to serve you

If you need the expert services of a gynecologist or a pediatrician, or if you are looking for a trusted gynecology clinic or dental clinic, MMC is the right place to visit. We are happy to be of service to you and help you achieve good health and all-around wellness.

“we have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

— Dr. Abdulrazak Mahmandar

About Us

DSC_8824Marina Medical Center is an initiative towards helping individuals in fulfilling the choice of staying in good health through its multi-specialty health care services.  The Medical center offers affordable health care services to each member of the community without comprising on the quality, safety, and the reputable standard of delivering medical services.

At every level of its treatment, Marina Medical Center is managed by an expert team of medical practitioners and support staff.  It is ensured that each health issue is carefully diagnosed and treated according to the best medical practice while keeping the patient completely aware of the whole process.

Patients are our priority, and our team will do everything to ensure that you are well-taken care of from the moment you walk in.

All treatments and diagnostic services are according to the statutory medical obligations and are administered under strict medical supervision and ethical practices.

Marina Medical Center, is a walk-in medical center and operates every day from 09:00am – 12:00pm except Friday from 02:00pm-09:00pm.  At present, the multi-specialty medical center are located at the Marina walk.   All these facilities offer comprehensive and high-quality medical services to individuals from different strata of the society.  The under mentioned services are available in all the three units.

Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology & Laser Hair Removal
  • General Medicine
  • Gynaecology & Woman Health
  • Paediatrics & Child Health
  • Radiology Laboratory Services
  • Urology & Sexual Health



Dr. Abdulrazak Mahmandar



Dr. Anis Abdullah



Dr. Eslam Al Shawadfy



Afsaneh Kamali



Dr. Osama Attar Bashi

Dr. Christine Karam


Dr. Christine Karam