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STD TREATMENT: Our Effective Diagnosis

Marina Medical Center Dubai, provides advanced STD diagnoses and treatments to help patients get the cure before it’s too late. We not only help in fighting with the deadly sexually transmitted disease but guide and counsel our patients about the possible precautions necessary to stay safe. We provide extensive patient care in our clinic with successful plans and methods. We prescribe the safest medication and extensively look into the problem to provide comprehensive patient care.

When a patient arrives, we examine his medical condition and run the necessary STD testing. We diagnose the issue from the core and recommend the treatment according to his needs. Our STD clinic have been dealing with cases from all over the UAE for years and promised to aid the patients with a successful, confidential & incredible assistance.

STD TESTING: When Do You Need To Take An STD Test

Many think that STD infections get transmitted only by getting involved in an unprotected sexual activity but that’s not true. There can be so many possibilities. You can get infected even if you get involved in oral sex or through bodily fluid. Even a single drop of blood of the affected one can cause you STD. So, be careful to note the possible symptoms that include painful urination, skin rash, weight loss, Ache, pains, fever, Painful sex, or severe itching. All of these symptoms indicate that you might be affected so in such a case you need to get tested.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I know if I am at risk of getting STD?

You need to analyze your activities and look for possible STD symptoms. If you do not find any symptoms then you need to take some precautionary measures to ensure your safety. It will help you live your life safely and healthily.

What are the possible symptoms of STD infections?

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases have no symptoms at all. That's the most dangerous one because you never come to know the danger of breathing inside your body. You keep on affecting others as well. So, its the safest option to get diagnosed or at least take the test once in your life. Secondly, common symptoms include: • Sores, blisters, bumps, or warts around your genital areas * women on the lips of the vagina or inside of it) • Burning sensation during urination • Painful intercourse • Blood discharge • Discharge of yellowish fluid at the time of urination

Is there a cure for STDs?

No, there is no cure to get rid of STD infections. However, with an early diagnosis, you can limit its side effects. You can take control of it and continue your life without the risk of transmitting it to others. Even for a woman having the early stages of STD can conceive a baby as well like all the other normal women.

What are the possibilities of getting an STD infection?

Though many believe that one can get STD only by having unprotected sexual intercourse but that not it. You can get the infection even during oral sex when get in contact with the bodily fluid. Moreover, the blood of affected if gets in contact with your skin you may get the disease through it. Therefore, never share your sharp objects like tweezers or nail clipper with others.

How does your clinic treat with STD infections?

At our clinic, we have properly equipped STD departments that are operated with the team of qualified doctors and surgeon. We first examine the patient’s body through physical examination than ask him a couple of questions to get sure as to what kind of infection may be present in his body. We then diagnose the problem by running some test and at last prescribe certain medication control it.


Here are Some Cases of Our Happy STD Clinic Patients

“Thank you to all the doctors and staff at MMC Dubai. They were absolutely amazing. Very kind and caring. Answered all my questions. Professional. Did a wonderful job with the treatment.”

“Easy and fast. I just wanted a routine STD check-up, and I’m so glad I found this online. I highly recommend, and will use again! Everything was fast and simple, just as promised. ”

“Unfortunately I was diagnosed with an embarrassing sickness and had no where to turn to. Lucky for me I was introduced to Marina Medical Center where the doctor took really good confidential care of me.”

“I stumbled upon this amazing STD clinic when I was desperately looking for tests and treatment for the symptoms I showed. They helped me with everything I asked for and more. Thank you!”

Why Choose Us

At MMC, We ensure dedicated, personalized treatment & our team will do everything to ensure that you are well-taken care of from the moment you walk in.

Our Guarantee To You

We will provide 100% Confidential sexually transmitted diseases testing & treatment.

Complete Care

From a consultation through to tests, prescriptions and scheduling follow up appointments for review – all taken care.

Expert Doctors

Our Team of highly experienced doctors provide quality, safety, and the reputable standard of delivering medical services.

10 Years Medical Experience

We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.

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Our Promise To You

At Marina Medical Center Dubai, we have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community it interacts with. This is sincerely reflected in our practiced motto “Community Caring”.

It is true that the quality of services offered to our patients is unique
as they have a personalized relationship with all clinicians who make
sure that patients are provided with expert care tailored to their
specific needs.

We look forward to becoming your healthcare provider of choice.

Dr. Abdulrazak Mahmandar

Managing & Medical Director

Who We Are


MMC Dubai realizes this vision through our commitment to the following values:

  • Service excellence
  • Kindness, trust and Integrity
  • Quality improvement
  • Teamwork, compassion and innovation
  • Privacy and Confidentiality


MMC Dubai is an initiative towards helping individuals in fulfilling the choice of staying in good health through its multi-specialty health care services. The Medical center offers affordable health care services to each member of the community without comprising on the quality, safety, and the reputable standard of delivering medical services.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

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