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Our Vascular Lesions Treatment

Vascular Lesions are the common skin abnormalities experienced among many men and women where your skin shows a mole or birthmark. Usually three most famous categories are there that includes Pyogenic Granulomas, Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations. Each of these birthmarks has identical appearance but the origin of the treatment needed to remove them is different.

At Marina Medical Center, we treat our patients with effective procedures where the safest products are used to heal the skin and to cover the marks after the removal. We use measures to provide extensive patient-centric care. We improve your skin health and nourish it comprehensively.

How We Treat The Vascular Lesions

With over a decade of experience in handling severe and complicated skin problems, we have a panel of specialists who are expert in providing efficient care to our patients.

  • We Stop Skin Bleeding And Darkening
  • We Inject Nutrients And Medications To Stop The Production Of Bacteria
  • We Resolve The Birthmark And Lighten The Affected Area

Our Range of Vascular Lesion Treatments

At Marina Medical Center, we divide our treatments in multiple stages. At first, we examine the skin and evaluate the origin and category of the birthmark. We note down if any urgent medication is necessary. We then finalize the proper treatment suitable for the skin type.

We even recommend surgery if needed where the birthmark is removed and the cavity of filled. The last stage of the treatment is to offer laser treatment, where heat is used to smoothen the skin and nourishes it back after the removal of vascular lesions. We make sure to guide our patients about the essential aftercare. We avoid keeping things hidden from our patients and so we counsel them professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are vascular lesions dangerous?

Vascular lesions when begin to spread can cause severe skin problems. It can occur anywhere near your face, around your head or even on your cheeks and nose. It should be treated at the right time.

Are vascular lesions cancerous?

They are not cancerous but if neglected for a prolonged period it can create skin tumors which is the stage in the occurrence of cancerous enzymes. You should be careful about that.

How is venous malformation treated?

We have the safest treatment to treat the venous malformation at our clinic. You can visit yourself and get yours examined to get the treatment.

What is a cluster of veins called?

When your blood vessels get swollen, they form varicose veins that are dangerous skin disease. We do provide proper treatment for them too.

Is there any aftercare needed?

Yes, there is. Our specialists will guide you in detail about that.


The inspiring feedback from our valued customers

Marina Medical Center is by far the best hospital with superior patient care. My skin was in sever condition but they have treated me within days.

Great Treatments and Best Support! All the specialists are amazing and the procedures are easy to follow as well.

I’m satisfied with the treatment I received. My skin looks smooth with no more vascular lesions. I will surely be back for more skin treatments.

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We at Marina Medical Center are renowned for our comprehensive care at the most reasonable pricing. We provide ample guidance and examine the skin professionally before prescribing any treatment.
We know how to keep our patients satisfied.

Our Professional Guidance

Treating the problems related to vascular lesions is crucial. We have to make sure that the prescribed treatment will be suitable for the respective skin type. We have to stay alert for any consequences related to skin reaction or hidden allergies. Therefrom, we guide our patients briefly telling about the complications involved and how we will overcome the hurdles.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

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