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Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai

A Painless Treatment
For All Types Of Tattoos

  • Efficient Laser Treatment To Fade And Remove The Tattoo
  • Professional Assistance To Ensure A Painless Procedure
  • Expert Counseling To Guide About The Aftercare


Accurate Result

Up-To-Date Equipment & Devices

Patient-Centric Aproach

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Our Laser Tattoo Removal Services

Do you want to get rid of your tattoo? Are you bored carrying the monotonous look of your tattoo on your body? Well, let go of your worries, as we are here with our professional laser tattoo removal services. At Marina Medical Center Dubai, we provide an exceptionally pain-free and safest tattoo removal service where we first fade and eventually remove your tattoo using advanced equipment and suitable treatment. From briefing, our patients about the procedure to keeping them close for making them feel comfortable we know how to win the hearts of our people.

Getting a tattoo is painful as compared to its procedure where we will use better techniques to bring back the natural look of your skin. Your body will yet again be ready to get a new tattoo with our services. Trust us when we say we know what’s best for you. We have in the industry for decades and have removed every stubborn tattoo off the skin.

Our Service Procedure

MMC Dubai Specialist determine the right procedure depending upon the type of tattoo you have on your skin. For street tattoos, it does not take more than two to three sitting to get it removed. However, for professional artwork, it may take more than a few sitting to wipe it off. We will guide you about the procedure thoroughly. So, feel free to get your tattoo examined briefly before you pick the laser removal treatment.


What To Expect After The Treatment Session

We first apply anesthesia to the area and then begin the procedure. After each sitting, you will find a certain area of your tattoo getting faded. Every time we will focus on a new spot in this way, the entire tattoo will get treated individually. This ensures a 100% removal. We do not cover the entire area in one go as it is damaging as well as will take more time. A prolonged application of rays is not suitable for the skin to bear therefore we break the sessions making it safer for our patients.

Moreover, MMC Dubai doctors make sure that the patient experience only a slight tingles instead of burning or pain. You will feel comfortable during and after the laser tattoo removal treatment and that’s our word. We have the expertise to ensure you the safest procedures and bring back the natural freshness of your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can you completely remove a tattoo?

Yes, we can completely remove a tattoo no matter how old or new it is. We have the laser removal treatments that will not damage your skin and provide you with the service you are looking for.

Does tattoo removal leave scars?

No, it doesn't but that depends upon the treatment provided to you. We have gathered the most qualified panel from around the UAE who knows what they are promising. We make sure to keep your skin smooth and scar-free.

Do tattoo removal creams work?

No, tattoos are embossed in the skin and no cream can practically work on them. You need to get a professional laser removal treatment from our Marina Medical Centre Dubai, which we provide, at highly competitive pricing.

Does hydrogen peroxide fade tattoos?

Yes, it does work. However, it's not safe to handle such chemicals and to use it on your skin is not a smart decision to make. It's best to seek professional help.

How long after tattoo laser removal do you see results?

You will begin to witness the change after every session you attend our clinic. The tattoo will begin to fade and eventually disappear.


Here are some cases of our happy patients

I wanted to get my permanent face tattoo removed and got the best assistance at the Marina Medical Center, Dubai. The experts have provided me the most pain free laser treatment and I’m happy with the change. feel so comfortable with the treatments. I will let my girl friends know about this, they deserve to enjoy this special treat for their skin!

I never thought that I would be able to get rid of my permanent wrist tattoo so easily. But at the best Marina Medical Center Dubai I got the pain-free laser treatment and I can now experiment other designs as well.

Highly recommended MMC Clinic in Dubai. For those who want to remove their permanent tattoos must get the easy to remove laser treatment which is completely pain free as well.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Promise

At Marina Medical Center Dubai, our experts are skilled at providing top-notch medication and treatments to help you erase the unwanted tattoo off your skin.

Ensuring Painless Treatments

At MMC Dubai, we make sure to keep our patients comfortable throughout the procedure. Using cutting edge technology, we ensure a completely pain-free treatment. During our sessions, our experts keep on getting feedback from our patients to know how they are feeling or if any change in procedure is required to take or not.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

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