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About Our Pigmentation Treatments

The hyperpigmentation treatments we offer in UAE are renowned for their effectiveness and immaculate results. The problem is common among females mostly which is due to the hormonal imbalance. Due to the presence of an excess of melanin, the skin gets darker. The brown pigment creates a darken skin tone. No matter what age you belong to you can get affected with hyperpigmentation. We provide flawless treatment to eliminate and reduce areas of pigmentation.

We have a massive range of treatments available in the clinic. We pick the one, which is suitable for your skin type and needs. We help you remove the dark spot, nourish the pores, mitigate the possible issues. We will provide you with comprehensive skincare from lightening the dark spots to removing the freckles.

Common Causes Of Hyperpigmentation

Here are the common causes of pigmentation. Learn to avoid experiencing pigmentation. All the below listed causes create a hormonal imbalance that results in skin darkening. Pigmentation is not an overnight problem. It breathes under your skin and gradually affects the overall complexion and smoothness.

  • Sun Exposure
  • Skin Inflammation
  • Melasma

How We Diagnose The Pigmentation

At Marina Medical Center, we carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the pigmentation symptoms to be sure about using the right treatment. We carry out the test, biopsy and physically examine the skin using some cutting edge tools. We have the equipment needed to properly reach a conclusion and decide what measures are necessary for the treatment.

We make sure to keep our patients fully contended and to cater to their needs. We provide complete assistance to patient-care and guide them about the aftercare that ensures effective outcomes. The determination of our treatments varies depending upon the darkening of your skin and the intensity of patches present. Our dermatologists ponder on the needs expertly to know the right solution. With a panel of professional dermatologist, you get rest assured as we know how to fulfil your needs and give you back your lost beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can pigmentation be removed?

Yes, it can be treated expertly. We have a wide range of solutions specially designed for all skin types. We will give you a fairer, smoother, and shinier looking skin.

What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

It's best to visit our clinic and get your skin examined first. Our experts will give you compressive sessions to guide you about the skin care treatment suitable to your skin needs.

How much does laser treatment for pigmentation cost?

We have highly affordable pricing at our clinic with the best care. So, do not worry about your pockets. You sure will get satisfied once you get to know about the treatments and costs.

What should we eat to remove pigmentation?

At Marina Medical Center we provide aftercare session where the specialist recommends creams and products along with guiding you about the diet plan to keep your skin fresh.

What causes pigmentation?

There are a number of causes the biggest factor is prolonged sun exposure. You must try to cover your face at times of high heat.


The inspiring feedback from our valued customers

I’m overwhelmed with my skin now after getting the treatment from Marina Medical Center. I would surely recommend the place.

Great services! The pigmentation treatment I received today is absolutely amazing with the safest results.

Excellent care. It’s the right place to get efficient skincare. My face was badly effected with pigmentation but the specialists have treated it so professionally that now I get a completely new look.

I’m glad to have visited Marina Medical Center. This place is amazing with the best skincare treatments. I would surely recommend them to my friends and family members.

What Sets us Apart?

Our Values

At Marina Medical Center, we value patient-care and strive to keep them satisfied. From examining the symptoms to providing care, following the cornerstones of our services:

  • Comprehensive counselling session
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Patient-Centric Treatments

Our Promise

We spare no efforts to provide unmatched treatments suited right according to your skin needs. Problems like pigmentation can turn into untreatable diseases if not examined professionally. Therefore, first, we guide our patient keeping everything transparent in front of them and then prescribe the care. We have been working in the industry for years so trust us when we say we know the best.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

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