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  • Eradicates The Dark Lines
  • Bleaches Lip To Make Them Brighter
  • Hydrates The Lips To Give Volume


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Our Lip Whitening Services

Darken lips are of major concerned among many women. Whether you have darkened cupid bow or a complete lip line, it becomes impossible to hide or conceal. Dark lips ruin your looks and seem like a scar on your beauty.

Therefore, at Marina Medical Center we provide our best lip whitening services at the most reasonable pricing. We have extensive lip care and our specialists are learned and experienced to identify the most effective treatments for our patients. We gently heal and soften your lips nourishing them to enhance their volume. We lighten them and naturally brighten the outlines and inner lips. We make sure that our treatment provides long-lasting results; therefore, we use advanced technology and highest quality products.

What Our Treatment Does To Your Lips

Our lip whitening treatment provides extensive care to brighten up every single area of your lips. We make sure to keep our patients fully satisfied and feel more confident once they get treated.

  • Lighten The Lower Lip, Outside And Inside Lips.
  • Brighten The Cupid Bows
  • Bleaches, Plumps, Lightens Lips
  • Lip Hydrating Treatments

Pre and Post Care For Lips

At Marina Medical Center, we hold pre and post-treatment sessions o guide our patients how to prepare their lips for the treatment and then about the aftercare. We do not leave them in any confusion instead we open up about all the essentials needed. We want to provide them with the best lip care and for that, they should be communicated about the important tips. We begin the antiviral medication at least 2 days prior to the treatment and avoid using any harmful medication. We instruct them to avoid getting exposed to the sun during that time.

Once the treatment is completed, we prescribe the medication needed which include capsules and creams, lips balms and oils. We guide them to avoid using any other beauty products for at least 2 to 3 days. Moreover, keeping the body hydrated is one for the most important tips that we give them. It helps the patient sustain the beauty of their lips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I lighten my dark lips permanently?

Visit our clinic and get treated we have a wide range of treatments or permanent and semi-permanent results.

What is the best treatment for dark lips?

It's best to get examined first before choosing ay treatment as the darken lips are a result of a certain lacking in your diet or habits you carry out. So, let us evaluate and examine first.

How can I make my lips pink in one day?

Nothing that is to be last longer can happen overnight. So, we would recommend you to get a proper lip whitening treatment for exceptional results.

Can we apply toothpaste on lips?

Applying toothpaste is a home remedy and you do not know what causes your lips to get darker. What if using toothpaste can cause any kind of irritation or allergy. So, better get in touch with us.

Do you provide lip bleaching as well?

Yes, we do provide lip bleaching along with whitening and hydrating treatments. Your lips after getting examined will be treated to get your desired results.


The inspiring feedback from our valued customers

I couldn’t believe I get so soft lips after the treatment. Marina Medical Center is truly the best place to visit.

Great experience, I would surely recommend my friend. I’m so satisfied with the treatment and the medication prescribed to me.

Excellent treatment! I love my lips. They are soft and looks fresh. The specialist has hydrated my lips so I’m sure the result will last longer.

What We Do

Our Services

We provide comprehensive lips whitening treatment where safest and healthiest organic products are used that naturally nourish the lips.

  • We Hydrate Lips To Internally Strengthen Them
  • We Nourish The Dirt And Darkened Lines To Lighten Them Up

Our Promise

Marina Medical Center keeps a firm check on its treatments followed ensuring highest service quality. We test each product to be sure about its results. We have different treatment packages for different skin types and lips problems. We do not apply the same procedure on every problem. We provide efficient patient care and ensure to keep your lips healthier.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

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