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Scarlet- The Exceptional Skin-Care We Provide!

The Best Solution For A Variety Of Skin Problems

  •  Acne Scars
  •  Sogginess
  •  Open Pores
  •  Wrinkles & Frown Lines


Up-To-Date Equipment & Devices

Patient-Centric Aproach

Accurate Result

Our Scarlet Treatment For All Skin Types

At Marina Medical Center, we provide comprehensive skin-tightening treatment plans. Our treatment named Scarlet is one of the most effective treatments that have the potential to lift up your skin and cover the skin weaknesses properly.

With a comprehensive range of techniques, we use the cutting-edge technology of Radio-Frequency (RF) that is infused into the skin using the micro-needles electrodes and help in covering the dark spots, filling the pores and removing acne from its core.

The common skin problems it treats:

  • It Removes Uneven Skin Color
  • Lift Up The Skin
  • Cover The Open Pores
  • Remove Dark Marks And Frown Lines

How Does It work?

The Scarlet Treatment involves radio frequency, which is transmitted through the needles that the specialist ding in the skin at the most effective area. The micro-needles are immersed into the skin softly and then the energy is penetrated. The ends of the skin lit up releasing the slight bolts of energy through frequency that treats the effective areas. Once after the other the different facial areas are targeted and your skin s healed gradually.

At the end of the treatment, soft moisturizers are applied to bring smoothness into the skin. The treatment is best used to tighten your skin.

After Care

As needles are drawn into the skin, it may cause slight redness and swollen skin among the sensitive skin types. In such a case, the specialists recommend some safest measures to normalize the skin and help it soothes down quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the Scarlet treatment Safe and Healthy?

Yes, it is safe and completely pain-free. The treatment is recommended for all skin types and whether you have severe issues like eczema or sogginess on your skin, the treatment will heal it all.

Is there any pre-treatment procedure or steps needed to prepare my skin?

Our specialist will guide you completely about the procedure. You will be given proper sessions to understand the procedure. Even after the treatment, we will provide you with effective medication to reduce any chances of side effects and to make the results last longer.

What results should I expect from the treatment and how many sittings are required?

Our specialists will examine your skin and then can guide you about the total sitting required to achieve effective results. The treatment will completely lift your skin and reduce fine lines. It eliminates the presence of wrinkles and brightens the skin tone.

Is the scarlet treatment effective on reducing double chin?

Yes, it is effective in reducing the double chin. You can have the desired look you want with enhanced facial features. The treatment is pain-free with guaranteed results.

Is the treatment suitable for sin on other body parts?

Yes, the scarlet treatment is applied on areas around the thighs, neck, chest and arms as well. You can easily lift your loose skin and reduce wrinkles from any part of your body.


Here are some cases of our happy scarlet treatment patients

My first time in Marina Medical Center, the Scarlet treatment staff are friendly the place was very clean with amazing ambient music. I could relax and enjoy my Scarlet treatment. I highly recommend this clinic MMC Dubai.

B. Picolo

Such welcoming staff in MMC Dubai. I had a  Scarlet laser treatment and it was absolutely amazing, my skin is so lush and I would definitely visit again. Thank you for wonderful services

Scarlet Therapist was very knowledgeable and came across very friendly and giving genuine advice for my skin. MMC Dubai Highly recommended!

Hamdani A

Why Choose Us

At MMC Dubai, we ensure dedicated, personalized care and our team will do everything to ensure that you are well-taken care of from the moment you walk in.

Our Guarantee To You

Get safe scarlet treatments that are specially-made for different types of skin which will not cause any harshness or allergic reactions.

Natural-Looking Results

Our treatments are carefully done as our dermatologists would assess your skin’s specific needs and sensitivity.

Expert Dermatologists

Our team of highly experienced dermatologists provide quality, safety, and the reputable standard of delivering dermatological services.

10 Years Medical Experience

We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.

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MMC Dubai, realizes this vision through our commitment to the following values:

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“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”


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