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#1 Mesotherapy Dubai – Get A Rejuvenated Skin

  •  Deep Cleanses Your Pores & treat Alopecia
  •  Tightens The Skin & Fades Wrinkles & Lines


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Mesotherapy is one of the most effective and promising skin treatments that remove fats, contour your skin, and wipe off all the facial flaws. It not only safe but is a cost-effective therapy to get a fresh and naturally glowing skin. The uses of mesotherapy are vast. Where it treats skin and naturally smoothens it, mesotherapy can also be used to treat the hair loss from alopecia. It balances the hormonal imbalances and provides the required nutrients to the skin.

Uses OF Mesotherapy

With the use of injections, the face therapy helps in providing essentials to the damaged skin. The injections used in mesotherapy are extracted from hormones, plants, vitamins, and enzymes. These injections are the real supplements to tighten the skin, re-contour the curves, lighten the pigment of the skin, and remove fats from various parts of the body including buttocks, arms, face, and thighs.

How Mesotherapy Works?

In mesotherapy, substances are penetrated into your skin. Every practitioner has a different approach to providing the therapy. Where some sues injection, other prefers to use electric current. We choose the most suitable approach to handling your skin and giving you the look you desire. Once you get the therapy your skin gets fully hydrated and radiant and firmer looks appear on it.

Providing The Safest Therapy To Patients

At Marina Medical Center are equipped with the advanced technology and a panel of experienced experts who first examine your skin carefully and then decide the right procedure to follow. We are aware of the many complications and risk one can encounter and so we have the solutions and remedies to prevent any damages. We guide our patients about the aftercare involved in Mesotherapy and how they can keep their skin rejuvenated for longer.

Mesotherapy Treatments & Aftercare

We guide our patients to take a hot bath for at least 8 hours after taking the therapy. Drinking plenty of water is one thing that we insist our patients for as it can help keep the skin hydrated. In case if any patient experiences skin issues just after taking the therapy we carry out a comprehensive analysis and provides the treatment to eliminate the damage.


Here are some cases of our happy patients

Marina Medical Center is the perfect clinic in Dubai. I just got the mesotherapy done and I’m glad about the results. My face skin looks flawless.

I would love to be back at MMC Dubai. The staff is so supportive and the doctors are experienced enough they have guided me throughout the procedure and I’m so satisfied with the hair loss therapy.

Marina Medical Center Dubai is the right place to get a rejuvenated skin. My face skin was getting lose and dry and after the therapy, it is looking smoother and silkier

I’m glad I came across such a great clinic. MMC Dubai & its experts are corporative and supportive. The therapy recommended for my face skin was flawless. Every time I visited the clinic I got even more satisfied with the treatments.

Our Significant Mesotherapy Injections

Providing a completely non-surgical treatment range, we at MMC has the best collection of injections created with natural resources. We cater to the needs of our patients and fulfill their demands with the safest procedures. Learn about the many areas of practice involved in our therapy.

Fat Reduction

We provide fat reduction from various parts of your body. We reduce facial fats, thigh fats, arms and buttocks fats using effective injections. In not more than two to three sitting you get a smoother look and an attractive personality.

Facial Rejuvenation

In our facial rejuvenation therapy session, we uplift the nutrients of the facial skin. We use the most effective procedures to provide efficient skincare to patients. We let the nutrients penetrate the skin pores and lighten it internally.

Cellulite Reduction

At MMC, we provide effective cellulite reduction to our patients. Having an effective cellulite treatment, we help our patients get away from loose and wrinkled skin. We uplift the life and glow of the skin expertly.

Hair Loss Treatment

Due to hormone imbalance, people suffer from hair loss problems. In such a case, we nourish the pores and deeply fix the problem strengthening the roots and creating new pores for thick growth. We can make the stimulation of new hair on your scalp and will revive your look in no time.

  • Our Specialists

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our Approach

At MMC, we do not follow the common rules or procedures, we believe every skin has its own treatment criteria and requires individual care. You cannot apply the same procedure you applied to the last patient you had. That’s our ideology and so we design the procedure for our patients after analyzing their skin conditions.

Our Unmatched Expertise

Having a broad panel of professionals on board, we promise superior practices to our patients. We are equipped with tried and tested techniques and state-of-the-art tools that facilitate us in providing the best care to our patients. We ensure to provide them with a comfortable and friendlier environment to let them talk about their problems openly. For us, keeping our patients contended is the major goal.

“We have developed a patient centric approach that takes into account the overall community interacts with.”

And Enjoy An Ageless Life!

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