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Dr. Aicha Khechai

Dr. Aicha Khechai

General Practitioner
Dr. Aicha Khechai is a general medicine practitioner with 3 years of experience. She graduated from Algeria University, Faculty of Medicine in 2013 and moved to Abu Dhabi to do her training under Abu Dhabi Police (clinics) in General Practice and Gynecology for 4 months. She later joined the Algerian Ministry of Health as a General Practitioner in April 2015 and continued there for nearly 3 years before moving to Dubai. Since 2015, Dr. Aicha Khechai has been treating patients for a variety of conditions and has successfully diagnosed, treated and managed their injuries and diseases. She has excellent experience in administering treatment, medication, therapy vaccinations and other medical care. She has further served as the designated overall-in-charge of ER on a routine basis and attended to the assessment of patient’s injuries, prenatal care, deliveries, diagnosis of health issues of patients from various ages, group, and gender. She is known for her easy-going disposition and often provides emotional support apart from medical attention towards others, including patients, customers, and co-workers. We’re very proud to have Dr. Aicha with us at Marina Medical Center.

Education & Training

  • Doctor of Medicine MD Faculty of Medicine, Algiers Algeria
  • Abu Dhabi Police (clinics) |General Practice and Gynecology
  • DHA Eligibility letter - Dubai Health Authority
  • Algerian Ministry of Health

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