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Dr. Ahmad Zin Al Abdn

Dr. Ahmad Zin Al Abdn

Specialist Urologist
Dr. Al Abdn received his medical degree from Damascus University. He migrated to Germany where he completed his urology residency training at Urkonde University in Germany. His clinical experience includes the whole spectrum of urology. With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Al Abdn understands the patient’s fears and shares his knowledge with all his patients so together they can determine the best course of care. Dr. Al Abdn, as a consultant urologist, has played prominent role in King Fahad Hospital in Saudi Arabia where he was appointed as the chief of urology department. With an exposure to international hospitals in Germany, Saudi Arabia and Syria, Dr. Al Abdn has developed a multicultural patient centric approach where he always delivers outstanding results.

Education & Training

  • D from Damascus University
  • Facharzt Urology, Germany

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